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Goldhenn Jewelry

Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph Meaghan Hennelly’s jewelry line Goldhenn. We got to play in the studio with her precious gems and antique sequins that adorn her jewelry collection.  When lighting the stones we were both captivated by the reflections and the delicate nature and color of the antique sequins. Here are a few photos from that shoot.

Christmas Copenhagen New Years Hamburg

Every year I like to plan at least two meditation courses with my buddhist teacher Lama Ole Nydahl. This year my dear friend, Jen and I decided to take a trip together for some quality time spent, meditation together, catching up with old friends in Europe and receive timeless buddhist teachings from our tireless, teacher Lama Ole. First stop was Copenhagen, the first Diamond Way Buddhist center, where Lama Ole refers to it as the ‘mother center’ here one can see the beginning roots of Lama Ole and Hannah’s activity. The house is located in the embassy district and the interior was dedicated to the traditional eastern arts of tibetan thanka murals of certain buddhas, bodhisattvas and protectors. I had not been to the Copenhagen center since 2000 and was amazed to see and feel how much of it has remained so well preserved and how much larger the group has become with two additional houses next door. On Christmas Eve we were invited to a small intimate dinner of 40 people and celebrated with a traditional Danish ensemble of roasted duck with prunes, a crispy roasted pork, cabbage salad, potatoes with a special duck sauce, mushrooms, all cooked to perfection by Sebastian and a crew of 15 at least and with weeks preparing! On Christmas morning there was magical blanket of fresh snow in Copenhagen and the beginning of the Mahamudra course. After the three day course we made our way across the Baltic Sea to Hamburg for the New Years Course.

Vinaigrette Lettuce Series

Presenting the lettuce series for the New Vinaigrette Restaurant in Albuquerque that opened in November 2012. This was a creative (portray the lettuce as a rock star) project arranging Erin’s garden variety, specialty lettuces that she planted Spring/Summer 2012 to be highlighted in the new Vinaigrette. Below are the prints, that I gladly got to print at the best print shop in town, Steve Zeifman’s, Rush Creek Editions. Here you can see a glimpse of the new restaurant in this recent article with Erin from ABQ JournalElement Media SF, who is Bill Stengel and myself,  are planning a video this Spring/Summer with Erin to film the farm, and the restaurant-so more to come on the fresh, local, handmade goodness in Santa Fe!

Europe Center International Summer Course in the German Alps 2013

Every year my husband, Willy Richardson, and I try to take time for a meditation retreat with our Buddhist teacher Lama Ole Nydahl. In 2007 the Diamond Way foundation purchased a Villa on 40 hectares of land in the Allgau region of the Bavarian Alps to be the world center for all the 600 centers from around the world to come and meditate and work together for the annual Summer course. This year we finally decided to go and check it out. It was enriching, hard work, and magical. Audrey our 5 year old loved sleeping in a tent for the 20 days! We chose a good time to come, a lot has been worked out from the previous courses, with having plumbing for 4,000 people, and hot showers all transported in for the 20 days and removed after. I was impressed with how much time and care everyone places in doing the work so we can all be there and meditate together and receive buddhist teachings from our teachers. Hats off to all those who worked months in advance and there to make it all happen! Here are a few impressions from the month trip at the EC.

Dakini Ranch celebration on the land purchase with Lama Ole

On November 27, 2013 a brisk, sunny day in the San Luis Valley, Colorado friends from all over the world joined the inauguration of the Dakini Ranch Diamond Way retreat land purchase with Lama Ole Nydahl. The retreat land has 314 acres nestled in the San Juan mountain range with views to the Sangre de Cristo mountains with 14,000 ft. peaks. That day the roads were packed with snow and upon entering in the morning there was a winter haze of thick fog slowly moving across the land. The rental vans luckily made it through the snow, some got a little push here and there, which was exciting for the guys! It was a joyous meeting, the previous owner, Sam was present and thrilled to have sold us the entire lot not broken up into several lots and to see so many different faces celebrating. He said, “I bought this enormous smoke grill that can cook for 100+ people and my wife thought I was crazy considering it was just the two of us most of the time, now it makes sense to me!”  Champagne corks were popped, Lama Ole toasted to all that contributed and expressed his love of the wild, vast land. When Lama Ole first saw the land in 2008, he was immediately attracted to the wide views and mountains of the property along with some powerful vibrations- he said “It’s a place I really love because I haven’t seen anything which compares with it, a very strong spiritual powerfield that was never disturbed.” It will be an endless source of inspiration where friends will meet, meditate and work together and form lifelong friendships and deepen their experiences on all levels! Well, we all got a little taste on this day- Lama Ole blessed the land, made offerings and wishes for our meditation practices here and off we went hiking through the snow! Here are a few glimpses of that day.