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Dakini Ranch celebration on the land purchase with Lama Ole

On November 27, 2013 a brisk, sunny day in the San Luis Valley, Colorado friends from all over the world joined the inauguration of the Dakini Ranch Diamond Way retreat land purchase with Lama Ole Nydahl. The retreat land has 314 acres nestled in the San Juan mountain range with views to the Sangre de Cristo mountains with 14,000 ft. peaks. That day the roads were packed with snow and upon entering in the morning there was a winter haze of thick fog slowly moving across the land. The rental vans luckily made it through the snow, some got a little push here and there, which was exciting for the guys! It was a joyous meeting, the previous owner, Sam was present and thrilled to have sold us the entire lot not broken up into several lots and to see so many different faces celebrating. He said, “I bought this enormous smoke grill that can cook for 100+ people and my wife thought I was crazy considering it was just the two of us most of the time, now it makes sense to me!”  Champagne corks were popped, Lama Ole toasted to all that contributed and expressed his love of the wild, vast land. When Lama Ole first saw the land in 2008, he was immediately attracted to the wide views and mountains of the property along with some powerful vibrations- he said “It’s a place I really love because I haven’t seen anything which compares with it, a very strong spiritual powerfield that was never disturbed.” It will be an endless source of inspiration where friends will meet, meditate and work together and form lifelong friendships and deepen their experiences on all levels! Well, we all got a little taste on this day- Lama Ole blessed the land, made offerings and wishes for our meditation practices here and off we went hiking through the snow! Here are a few glimpses of that day.

Lilacs in Santa Fe

There were an abundance of Lilacs this Spring in Santa Fe. Lilacs are a hearty plant that adapt to different climates- they grow along the east coast as well as  the mid west.  This Spring walking down the street was a scent infusion of lilac aroma- so much I felt the need to photograph the purple explosion!  Luckily, we have had a wet winter and a wet spring- so no skimping on the blossoms!  When you grow up in a wet climate it is easy to take for granted the flora and fauna but when you are in the high desert the blossoms are noticeable and punctuating against the arid landscape that it is hard to pass by without noticing.